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ADVENT SEASON Dec 2023 | CYCLE B | Use your Gray Binder / Blue Hymnals / OR the Tablets
RM 27.4 Glory to God Hughes (Dec 8 only) SM 70a   Gospel Acclamation SM 102.2 Dismissal of the Catechumenate SM 105.3 Baptism Ordinary Time RM 123-423 Priestly People Mass RM 523 Embolism/Final Doxology SM 623 Lamb of God PPMass RM 700 Dismissal Dialogue (instrumentalists only) 03 December 1st Advent Maranatha Chiusano Ps 80 6 Restore To Us, God Mondoy 10 Lift Up Your Heads, O Mighty Gates Take and Eat 25 When the King Shall Come Again 08 December '23 Immaculate Conception  ( masses only during day, no vigil: 8 am 7pm) 16 People of the Nigh RM 27.4 Glory to God Hughes (Dec 8 only) Judith 13 You Are the Highest Honor of Our Race Mondoy Gentle Woman (Landry) a.k.a. Hail Mary/Gentle Woman go to 1:09 185 Servant Song Hail Holy Queen 10 December 2nd Advent   8 Isaiah the Prophet Has Written of Old  Same Tune: Ps 85 5 Lord. Let Us See Your Kindness Mondoy Ready The Way Hurd 183 Remember Your Love
Canticle of the Turning
17 December 3rd Advent  14 On Jordan's Bank Lk 1 I Acclaim the Greatness of the Lord [Hoʻonani] Mondoy 1 Come, Lord, and Tarry Not [YT rhythm differs] 12 O Come O Come Emanuel 20 Rise Up Jerusalem 24 December 4th Advent Entrance Antiphon Rise Up Jerusalem (Mondoy) Ps 89 2 My Heart Shall Sing [Kamiano] Mondoy 21 Savior of the Nations, Come 12 O Come, O Come Emmanuel 15 People Look East t descant: For Christmas Season Menus: Click Here


2023 forward Scrutines sequence is 11 7 5 this year