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ORDINARY TIME  Late Summer/Fall 2019 | CYCLE C | Use Your Gray Binder / Black Hymnal
Service Music for Ordinary Time, Fall

RM 27.4 Glory to God Hughes
SM 72 Missa Jah       print latest SM72, RM122-422, 522,622 PACKET
SM 102.2. Dismissal of Catechumens, Ordinary Time Light of the Nations   print score
SM 105.3 Infant Baptism in Ordinary Time   print score
RM 122-522  Preface Dialogue, Eucharistic Acclamations Missa Jah 
RM 522  Final Doxology Missah Jah  
SM 622 Lamb of God  Missa Jah   
RM 700 Dismissal Dialogue   print score

08 September 23 Ordinary 120 A New Song
Ps 90 3 In Every Age Mondoy
168 My God and My All
232 God is Always Kind and Righteous [Ua Like no a Like]
212 We Will Rise Again
15 September 24 Ordinary  Loose: Change Our Hearts Cooney  open study link in nmew window: 
Ps 51 4  I Will Rise and Go to My Father Mondoy
280 Just As I Am
BH Loose:  The Supper of the Lord  Rosania  open study link in new window: 
189 Sing of the Lord's Goodness
22 September 25 Ordinary Time 271 You Have Looked Upon the Lowly [Aloha nō au i ko Maka] New Score here
Ps 113 2 Praise the Lord Who Lifts Up the Poor Mondoy
252 'O Kou Aloha Nō sing SATB
208 We Are Many Parts
206 We Are Called
29 September 26 Ordinary  161 Let Justice Roll Like A River
Ps 146 6 Praise the Lord, My Heart, My Soul Mondoy
149 How Can I Keep From Singing
146 Here I Am, Lord
261 Sing All Godʻs Creation [Ahe Lau Makani]
06 October 27 Ordinary 211 Walk By Faith
Ps 95 2 Listen Today to Godʻs Voice [Hoʻolohe] Mondoy
197 Speak Lord
215 You Are Mine
169 My Soul Rejoices
13 October 28 Ordinary 223 Amazing Grace (English)
Ps 98 2 God Has Made Known to the Nations Mondoy
254 O Wide,Embracing Wondrous Love [Kuʻu Wā Li'ili'i]
151 I Am the Living Bread
144 Get Me to the Promised Land
20 October 29 Ordinary Abba Father [Instrumentalists: Use modulating version]
Ps 121 3 Our Help Is the Lord [Nānā Ke Akua]  Mondoy
176 Only In God
210 We Remember
BH Loose: Take the Word of God
27 October 30 Ordinary  201 The Cry of the Poor  Switch to SM 70e (NOT 70c) Gospel Acclamamtion this Sunday
Ps 34  4 The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor [Uē Nō Nā ʻIlihune] Mondoy
141 Flow River, Flow
Loose: Take And Eat Jonces
224 At the Name of Jesus [Ka Moae]
03 November 31 Ordinary  We Are Godʻs Work of Art
Ps 145 10 I Will Exalt You, God My King Mondoy
182 Prayer of St. Francis
198 Table Song
243 In Christ There is No East or West [Heʻeia]
10 November 32 Ordinary 379 I Am the Bread of Life Switch to SM 626 Lamb of God this Sunday
Ps 17 3 Lord, When Your Glory Appears [Kou Nani] Mondoy
237 How Good the Name of Jesus Sounds (Aloha Nō Au I Ko Maka) Original song choice was recently changed...
205 Valleys of Green
190 Sing to God A Brand New Canticle
17 November 33 Ordinary 84 Send Us Your Spirit
Ps 98  5 The Lord Comes to Rule Mondoy
143 Gather Us In
130 Blest Are They
135 City of God
24 November CHRIST THE KING  BH Loose:  Lead Me Lord Becker open study link in new window:
Ps 122
1 I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say Mondoy
Loose: To Jesus Christ Our Sovʻreign King
209 We Have Been Told
150 I Am the Light of the World
8 November Thanksgiving Day
Loose:  O God Beyond All Praising [THAXTED] 
Ps 92 1 It Is Good to Give Thanks (Harana) Mondoy
243 In Christ There Is No East or West [ Heʻeia]
200 Taste and See Meditation: Loose: Hawaiʻi Aloha   

Loose: America the Beautiful  

ADVENT Winter 2019 | CYCLE C | Use Your Gray Binder & Black Hymnal  
RM 27.3 Glory to God Hurd  [for Immaculate Conception only]
SM 70c Gospel Acclamation SM 74a
SM 102.2. Dismissal of Catechumens, Ordinary Time Light of the Nations
SM 105.3 Infant Baptism in Ordinary Season
RM 126-426  Preface Dialogue, Eucharistic Acclamations Worthy to Stand
RM 5xx19  Final Doxlogy Sing Praise and Thanksgiving (Joncas)  print score    new orch scores here
SM 626 Lamb of God  Worthy to Stand in Your Presence  print score   new orch scores here
RM 700 Dismissal Dialogue    print score


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